If there is one thing that we have learnt throughout our years helping social enterprises and start-ups, it is that the foundation of success are ALSO built on a strong branding. We say “also” because of course, you need to have a good product/ service for your company to grow. But, taking a metaphor that we absolutely love, relating to building a house, your product and/or service would be the land you buy to build your house –  and your branding is the foundation of this house!

Imagine building your house on shaky foundations. At the first sign of trouble, your house will come crumbling down! Do you want that for your brand? Absolutely not! And branding your company is much more than having a nice logo. It is about your personality, your tone of voice, your brand story, your slogan, your colours, it’s about building something coherent and consistent that can take you places. And we know it can be overwhelming. Which is exactly why we have put together branding workshops where we take companies through the basic of their brands, asking questions and diving deep to make sure everything is on fleek and that they have the necessary foundation for growth. 

If you are still wondering where you stand with your brand, if the way you present yourself will get you to convert sales, if your tone of voice is in line with the message you want to send or how you can improve on your current basis. This workshop is for you! Join us for our next session on the 12th of June 2019 by registering here

“ Lime Agency carried out a workshop that was entirely different from what we would have expected. It was extremely personal, and it really impressed me that the team had gone to each of the enterprises’ social media and webpage to identify what we’ve done right or wrong before the day of the workshop. Their experiential approach really makes the lesson stick, and with the homework done on all the enterprises before the workshop, it allowed them to develop methods to better suit the enterprises around. We would love to work with Lime Agency again some time in the future.”

– Nicholas Lim, Co-founder, three dots

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