Gift Wrapping for the Season’s Year End

With the season of giving right around the corner I’m sure you’re already making a checklist of presents. When you think of gift wrapping its usually rolls of fancy wrapping paper, stock cards to write messages on and cardboard packaging.

For all those enthusiastically planning your gifts let’s take a step back and just think of the multitude of materials that go into packaging a small bottle of hand cream. In Singapore alone 467,400 tonnes paper/cardboard waste was disposed of in 2018. If you can’t envision how much that is, it is the equivalent of about 4500 Blue whales.

So in preparation for this year’s gift exchange instead of going through rolls of wrapping paper that’s going to end up in the trash, how about trying something more eco-friendly and reusable?

3 Sustainable Ways in Which You Can Wrap Your Gifts & Still Stay Stylish

We’re tapping into the Japanese method of ‘Furoshiki’ as well as the Korean method of ‘Bojagi’. Both methods use fabric as an alternative to wrapping paper.

No tape needed and no cutting is involved I promise.

We’ve broken it down by the steps for each technique with downloadable cheat sheets for an easy follow along

These short videos step guides have been posted onto our YouTube so be sure to like, subscribe and follow!

Celtic knot gift wrapping

Knot your regular ole package.

For all you advanced players out there who are seasoned practitioners of the art of cloth wrapping, this would be a great way to let your skills shine. Not going to lie this method involves close attention to detail and some steady hands. The finished product though is a sight for sore eyes and is a gift in itself!

Watch it on here now!

Be sure to try it out!  [Download the cheatsheet]

Floral sleeve for your drinks? Pretty in pink? Say no more!

Bringing some fancy wine to a party? This simple method focuses on gathers to give the illusion of a floral bouquet. Very beginner friendly and with the help of a hair tie and a ribbon this will come together much quicker than you would think.

Watch it on here now!

[Download the cheatsheet]

Floral Bottle Wrapping
Bag Gift Wrapping

Last but definitely not the least!

Need a gift bag for an assortment of trinkets you would like to gift somebody? Here is a method that is fuss free and straight to the point. All you need is a scarf or a headband it’s that simple, really! This can be used for facial masks, books and cards as well!

Watch it on here now!

[Download the cheatsheet]

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