How can we define change?

If you look it up on google, change is defined as “an act or process through which something becomes different” but change is much more than that. Change is the process by which people evolve, by which seasons change, by which progress exists.

What is change?

Change is creation.

When something changes, something new is created; a new version of a program, a developed idea, a new personality trait. When seasons change, there exists a constant cycle of creation. Spring fills the world with countless colours, summer leaves the skies bright blue and tans our skins, autumn brings a change in colour, and winter leads to snow, cool winds and warm clothes. Change is creation. Change brings us spring, summer, autumn and winter. And therefore, change is as beautiful as it is natural.

Change is beauty.

Change is creation, and creation is beauty, therefore change is beauty. Look around you. Change has allowed for so many new and beautiful ideas; women can now work and do the same work as men, cultures are being spread and mixed all around the world, love is being spread in every possible way as ideas about love are changing and becoming more accepting. It’s because of change that we are able to live a new experience everyday, that we can now use computers easily and travel around the world.

Change is balance.

Although change is creation and change is beauty, there must be a balance which we have to find in it. For every creation, there must be a destruction, for a new idea to take place, an old one has to die and for a new season to come, an old one must fade away. Yet, not everything should be destroyed and replaced, that’s where LIME comes in. We try to find this balance, this sustainability to take care of what we have while allowing room for new ideas to take place. People often have a hard time letting traditions go and accepting the modern world, but that’s not necessarily what change is about. It is both construction and demolition, it is a balance which must be found where none take over the other.

So, why fear change?

Yes. Change can be frightening. It does bring along the coldness and darkness of winter as the sun sets earlier and the temperature falls. People fear change because of the risk it brings along with it. Change means old traditions may fall apart, change means a different way of life, change means you’ll have to adapt. But, change always comes around. To take the risk and changing something, allows for the new to take place. And that’s how it should be. Seasons shouldn’t all be similar all year around or it wouldn’t let different fruits or flowers grow. People should evolve and cultures should mix because it creates diversity. And just like that, we have to accept change. We have to accept that the world as we see it will not always remain the same because we are all changing it everyday

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