The fashion industry is one of the biggest in the world (2% of Global Gross Domestic Product) but it is also one of the biggest polluters in the world because of fast fashion.*

If you are still in doubt, you should check out @fash_rev account, a global movement calling for more transparency in the fashion industry that is shining some light on some disturbing statistic in the fashion industry.

Credits: Fashion Revolution

We don’t know about you, but this kind of data makes us shiver – and most importantly, it makes us want to change the way we consume fashion…. And we are not alone!

Credits: Fashion Revolution

Consumers are no longer in the overconsumption mode and neither are we. We want longer lifespans for clothes, better quality materials and fair wages for fashion workers. Forgetting about the outfit of the day, and instead focus on how to pair wisely purchased items in different ways. Buying second hand, and when buying new items, taking the time to choose wisely to support brands that carry those values. This is exactly why we were so happy to have the chance to work with @thefabricsocial. When human rights lawyers put their hearts into action, it gives you a fabulous fashion brand, made by women for women in all consciousness – natural fabric, zero waste and supporting the economic empowerment of women. What’s not to like? We sure loved it! And, we worked hand in hand with its founders to bring the brand from social to fashion. From full brand passport, to website advices and marketing strategy, working with influencers, etc  – it pushed the brand to the next level, mixing edginess and social cause, empowering the founders to pursue their dreams.

Image Credits: The Fabric Social

More on their website:

“Working with Lime Agency has been a game changer for The Fabric Social. It allowed us to really position ourselves in the fashion industry and open ourselves to the mainstream market. It was the key for us to continue our expansion and really grow our sales numbers. By doing this, we increased our impact and can see the brand grow in its market.”
– Fiona McAlpine, Co-founder of The Fabric Social



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