Grants for business in Singapore

Starting your own business is exciting! You get to work on a project which is fulfilling, aligned to your beliefs, and be your own boss. At Lime Agency, we love working with dedicated companies and entrepreneurs, developing new brands in one-week with our co-creation Juicer methodology. Yet, we know that along with the thrill, comes the complex aspect of finance. Where can we go to search for grants for your business in Singapore?

Financially stuck?

To build a brand without a budget set aside can be difficult. There are so many other factors to consider – administration, legal, website and hiring talents, to say the least. Fortunately, governments, universities and companies are strongly encouraging entrepreneurship, facilitating collaboration, experimentation and fundraising. This means that as a startup in Singapore, the financial help offered through business grants allows entrepreneurs to think more creatively and strategically.


Startup Searching Government Grants


Can I apply for a government grant for business in Singapore?

For most grants, the following pre-requisites are a must in order for your application to be valid:

  • Registered and operate in Singapore
  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
  • Company’s Group annual sales turnover of less than S$100 million OR less than 200 employers

Firstly, start by preparing a project brief for the agency to understand your needs. Secondly, have a look at Enterprise Singapore’s Strategic Brand and Marketing Development Grant. If you need help on any of these aspects, we believe this grant can cover a percentage of the cost of Lime Agency’s branding and marketing services. Wondering which grant suits you needs the best? Take the e-Adviser for Government Assistance.

Unfortunately, we cannot apply on your behalf – simply make sure someone with a share in the company fills in the necessary forms and apply through government portals, or directly contact the SME Centre.

How to apply?

First, you can contact us for a quotation to get the process started. Next, make sure your business administration documents are prepared. Finally, you can submit the proposal along with our quotation to the Business Grants Portal by logging in with your CorpPass.

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