2020 was a difficult year for all of us, where some might even label it as “the worst year in history”.

For us at Lime, we are taking this opportunity to reflect on how 2020 has impacted us. Back in April of 2020, it was a heartache to announce to all our clients and partners that we were constraint to reduce our team, with the possibility of closure. We are glad to say that we made it past this difficult time and definitely came out stronger and more resilient than ever. In any case, this does not change our mission: doing good business.

We would like to take the time to thank our clients, over the past 5.5 years, who have placed their trust in Lime Agency, as well as our partners and friends for their incredible support. Not only that, but to spread the good work our team has achieved to your friends and family, is an acknowledgment that we do not take for granted.

At a glance, we have worked with 187 brands in total, of which 40% are Purpose-driven Businesses, Social Enterprises, NGO or Charity.

Lime Agency Impact Report Purpose Driven Brands

Since the beginning of Lime Agency, we have been committed to helping out small businesses to grow, providing specific materials to support entrepreneurs, and offering discounted rates for start-ups and social enterprises. As such, we are proud to have subsidised more than 1 Million SGD in the past 5.5 years!

Lime Agency Impact Report 1 Million Project Value Subsidies

This year, we launched Just Startup!

Now relaunched as Just Startup, and previously known as Lime Zest, we are bringing to you a resource platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. JSU aims to help this thriving community by providing branding and marketing solutions at an affordable cost. Our experience and past works have enabled us to create a great amount of materials, that we would rather share with doers around the world who are starting out. Digital waste being a key issue in today’s era, we want to reuse and recycle, supporting the circular economy. Get your free membership and start exploring!

We were featured in a couple of places.

Rigmor Berthier Cofounder Of Lime Agency

Our CEO Rigmor Berthier has been on the board of members for NBAS Singapore since last year. Her role is vital in Singapore’s move towards raising awareness on the importance of board diversity, as encouraged by Singapore’s President. Rigmor was just recently interviewed by the NBAS team where she shared how at Lime Agency, we dare to do things differently.

Last November, Rigmor participated as a mentor and entrepreneur in the 5th session of The Good Women, organised by The Hidden Good. Between all the meetings and events, Rigmor also presented a webinar “SEO for beginners” for the WeConnect International women entrepreneur community – an organisation we are proud to be a member of.

Cecile Gauthier Cofounder Of Lime Agency

Leading the movement of change, one of our co-founders, Cecile Gauthier, was previously interviewed on Go Simone’s podcast as she shared about how the ad industry can use its power to do good and influence change within corporations and social enterprises in order to tackle the climate emergency. It’s available on Spotify.

Cecile was also featured in SoCapGlobal’s series of articles on The Wisdom of Women: Bold Insights From World Change, where she shared some insights into her journey as a social entrepreneur.

Lee Hui Ting Cofounder Of Lime Agency

Our Creative Director, Hui Ting, contributed her thoughts to an article for ScaleUpNation, on how Lime Agency coped with digitalisation of its services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Throughout 2020, Hui Ting along with her teammate Ianton, were active City Leads for the Business of Purpose network. They co-hosted several virtual tours featuring purpose-driven companies in Singapore. One event in March, before we all went into lockdown, featured Kroodi. They are a three times award-winning plant-based, raw cheese startup that is making waves. The event was even held at Scoop Wholefoods at Great World City – a no plastic grocery store. In July, we had a ZOOM chat with Will and Well, a social enterprise, along with other industry panelists. And a tour in September featured Susgain, a sustainability lifestyle app.

We did good work internationally and locally.

With overseas purpose-driven clients like FPLS (New Caledonia), Be Your Change (USA), BUDS (India) and Safe Barriers (Australia). Locally in Singapore, we also worked on purpose-driven projects like Singapore International Foundation, Startin’ For Good and Green Nudge who are all based in Singapore.

Lime Agency Impact Report Thank You

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