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The Drugs that Changed Our Minds by Lauren Slater – A book that introduces you to the psychopharmalogical industry, its history and the evolution of ten different psychiatric treatments. While the author takes you through her personal journey in improving her mental health, the book has been receiving reviews for being too biased. However as a reader who had no prior knowledge or experience in this realm, we gained a better understanding on how depression can take its toll on someone and the journey they have to undertake to medicate.
We will leave you with a more positive anecdote from the book – “Because of that, when one emerges from a deep depression, the whole world looks brand new. You touch everything tenderly, and with wonder. The streets gleam. The cars shine like lollipops… This feeling is not due to fluoxetine, or to imipramine, or to any other chemical concoction you might be taking. It happens because depression, when it departs, leaves gratitude in its place. Your life becomes a new bud, a leaf. No drug can match this high, and it is here where you are your best, your most human, your healthiest self. Celebrate softly. Go ahead and sing. I do, even when I know I am withering away. It’s another day down, another day done, in gratefulness.” #LimeReviews #Limoscope


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