Lime Agency is an award-winning branding agency taking you places you’ve never been with concepts you have never seen! We are a purpose-driven agency building brands for businesses with a purpose and helping to create purpose for traditional brands. Working with more than 160 clients in only just 5 years of existence, we take pride in doing things differently! Take a tour and Kontakt oss today!

Branding and Marketing Projects Completed In 1 Week

Our unique Juicer methodology enables your branding and marketing to be built in 1 week. By working together every day from Monday to Friday of the week, this co-creation approach allows us to share valuable insights and take decisions fast. By day 5, your project is 90% ready. On day 6 and 7, final tweaks will be made and full artwork packaged delivered.


Branding Projects

As an award-winning branding agency in Singapore, we choose not to focus on just 1 specific industry or 1 specialty. We enjoy working across various industries and that allows us to bring added values and creativity to the branding projects we embark on. Explore the different creative concepts below!


Strategy and Consulting Projects

We have provided consultancy advice and marketing and design services for brands in over 20 industries. Whether you are in FMCG or at a startup, selling food and beverages or health and wellness, or in financial institutions dealing with digital technology, or even an education platform inspiring the young generation, our experiences across multiple industries allow us to be well-equipped to tackle any market challenges you may face. 


Website SEO, Design & Development Projects

The future ahead will truly be digital, we cannot stress that enough. It goes beyond just a beautiful design, a website when built properly, allows you to rank well on Google search results. Clients often ask us what is the formula to build a successful lead-generation website. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but the answer is that there is not magic formula! There are 1,000 different factors that can affect your website ranking and domain ranking, it is impossible to do everything. However, we do work with web developers who are experts in their field and can guide you on building the foundation of a website right. And of course, with branded visual elements and strong marketing messages to help you start strong.

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Branding & Marketing Services

We offer a range of services for all creative branding and marketing needs. Working with clients in more than twenty industries has given us an added advantage in creating truly innovative branding and marketing solutions that are unique in its market. We offer special rates for startups and social enterprises! Here, are some of our packaged solutions.

Get your brand
ready to go!

Our Branding Juicer Pack – Includes a Brand Passport with Visual Guidelines, Logo, Namecard, Letterhead, Email Signature and Powerpoint Template. 

Establish your brand
presence online!

Our Website Juicer Pack – Includes a website wireframe structure, copyediting and 6 designed website pages. Website development with our preferred partner is an optional add-on. 

Grow your community
and influence!

Our Social Media Juicer Pack – Includes a social media strategy, competitive landscape study, 10 Social Media post templates and 10 initial post content and caption.

Branding Insights and Marketing Advice

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