Cowspiracy is a documentary that tackles a cold hard truth unbeknownst to many – that the Animal Agriculture industry is one of the most destructive industry in the world today. Contrary to popular beliefs, the Animal Agriculture industry actually contributes more greenhouse gases than the combined exhaust of all transportation. And shockingly, a hamburger alone will require the usage of 3000l of water, due to the fact that meat production itself is a long, and complicated process. The film itself sheds light on a story that is often misled and understated, caused yet again by corporate greed, unsurprisingly.

We should know by now the detrimental effects we have on the environment that is caused by our lifestyle and habits. And I do realise that many people would argue that becoming vegan is not the right solution, but I truly believe we have got to start somewhere.

Some ideas to help the cause:

  • Cutting down on meat intake, instead of swearing off meat altogether. One could consider having vegan lunches every day for example.
  • Reduce food waste. When attending large gatherings where meat is often included, it would be more ideal to ensure food is not wasted (even the meat), while educating the hosts to buy in more considerate amounts in the future.
  • Buy food in the amount you need, not just because it is on promotion, if eventually all you are going to do is to throw away the food you did not manage to finish.

We are not perfect in what we do, and we are always learning. But we do hope that at least everyone should be educated on this particular issue and propose positive changes to the system in their own ways. Good luck!

The documentary is available on Netflix.

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