If you have read about “The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window”, you will be familiar with Jonas Johanson’s typical Scandi-noir but gracefully shaken into comedic literature. The novel follows the bizarre story of recently released Hitman Anders, who is doing small jobs for big gangsters but his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets an atheist priestess and a homeless receptionist at a former brothel turned into a one-star hotel. Doesn’t it sound completely bizarre?

The three eccentric protagonists join forces and concoct an unusual business involving Anders’ fearsome reputation. Things were going well until Anders relinquish his wicked ways and turn to Jesus. The story treads the line between complete absurdity and giggle-worthy scenarios where the duo try to keep one step ahead of the gangsters in their grand scheme of things, while keeping Anders unaware. Even the most mundane of us will still have a good laugh when the magic happens!

If you are interested, the book is available here.

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