One-Stop Creative Agency

Experiences can impact you for ever, and we partner with our clients to offer their customers memorable experiences. From branding, to website designs, experiential events, launch campaigns, social media accounts, we want to craft unique brands that will impact lives, shift perceptions and shape behaviours with special offers to support our clients!



If you have a product that needs to be launched during a specific period of time, we can help by creating a complete 360º campaign plan along with the proposed project timeline, while keeping in mind your overall campaign objectives. We will also propose to work with specialised suppliers, if needed, to create the required campaign collaterals.


Be it advertising on the traditional newspaper, online social media, or the world wide web, we can help with it all. From creating static ads to animated HTML5 ads, or Facebook’s Page Likes Ads to Instagram’s Story Ads, we have tried it all and we can evaluate your needs and propose to you a plan that will work best for you.


Suited for those who do not know yet what exactly they need for their brand – we can provide a session to discuss and understand what your potential needs are. This way, we can propose what would be feasible next steps.


Our workshops are a co-creation session to define/redefine your brand’s unique selling point, positioning, brand elements, tone of voice, user journey and how to express them to your target group. This requires the participation of all decision-makers during the session.


Our creative team is always up for a good challenge. Need a fancy out-of-the-box brochure concept? Or a wonderfully illustrated Annual Report? We love working with different design styles and ideas, and we are always trying to see what can make a design better than you imagine.


Have a coffee table book idea in mind? Need a fun and extraordinary Annual Report story angle? We can help you turn your content into more digestible information as we provide copyediting services in house, and print publishing with our print provider.


Infusing impactful messaging into effective shopper journey design, we can help you plan and optimise your retail store and merchandising strategy so that more shoppers are attracted, engaged and convinced to find out more about your products.


Do words not come too easy to you? Don’t worry, we are able to help with brand copywriting and copyediting in the ideal tone of voice. We also have a team of freelancers and partners whom we can engage with for more advanced content creation thought pieces, who doesn’t love telling a great story?


At Lime, we have a pretty unique methodology where we dont believe in working in silos. Our team of limoncellos, each specialising in different things, work best when we come together as a team to brainstorm and create truly meaningful work.


For those who need a logo design, along with the usual brand collaterals such as namecards, letterheads, powerpoint template and email signature. We can definitely help you express your brand in the most creative and innovative way!


Based on your annual objectives and brand activity schedule, we can work with you to build a marketing strategy of up to 1 year. It includes identifying marketing channels, commercial pipelines, promotional activities and more.


Need to work with different agencies to achieve a common goal? We can help with strategic brief writing where this project/campaign brief can be used to guide everyone on the different roles and individual tasks, in order to deliver impactful results within a specific timeline.


We have a dedicated social media and creative team who can help with anything social media related. Usually on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, we will build an editorial calendar based on your forecasted content plan, develop and curate content, do community management, monthly reporting, AB testing and more.


Whether for your brand or your events, being online has now become essential for all your communication strategies. Our team will work with you to build a website that fulfils your objectives and ensure a smooth user experience.