Cogniant – Integrated Care for Mental Health

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Cogniant can collect data points of a client’s daily routine via devices and smartphone sensors. The integrated platform then provides the clients with a seamless experience by allowing them to monitor their behaviour, receive insights on treatment outcomes and connect them to caregivers and providers for chronic and co-morbid mental health conditions.

As part of the raiSE Incubation programme, Lime Agency was engaged to help Cogniant gain clarity on their brand identity and services offered. Beyond that, we also went further into defining their marketing strategy and build adequate collaterals to approach its target audience. One of our key focus was to build its one-pager website to communicate what they do, how they do it, and who is it made for. The final outcome was a look and feel that shows its expertise in mental wellness and healthcare industry, while communicating approachability to its potential clients and app users.

Works Undertaken: Mini Branding Workshop, Website Design

Cogniant automated patient engagement branding and website
Cogniant automated patient engagement branding and website
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