Green Nudge – Creating Positive Environmental Impact

Green Nudge is supporting businesses and communities to create a positive environmental impact through activities, outreach and consulting services. As the name suggests, Green Nudge aims to bring a shift in mentality about environment issues and raise greater awareness with a soft approach. They firmly believe this change can only take place collectively.

Green Nudge approached Lime Agency in April 2020. Until now, the main activity they offered and promoted was beach clean-ups. The COVID-19 situation accelerated the team at Green Nudge to rethink its long-term strategy and positioning. After a one-week juicer workshop, a new logo and homepage design came to life, aligned with their values and personality. The playful characters depict the “nudge” motion, while the website’s bright green and turquoise, associated to lively event photos, expresses the approachability and friendliness of the team.

Works Undertaken: Logo Update, Website Homepage Design, Brand Passport Template

GreenNudge Branding and Website
GreenNudge Branding and Website
GreenNudge Branding and Website

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