The Science Academy – Engage Excellence

The Science Academy is a Singapore-based learning institution that helps make learning Science a fun and palatable experience – helpings young students to understand the why and how behind complex equations. The tutors are well-loved and much respected in the community, creating a conducive and vibrant environment for their students to grow and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to become greater life achievers. Together with the founders of TSA, LIME agency worked on creating a strong brand identity that is bold, colourful and fun. Amongst a competitive landscape in Singapore, it was important to be able to showcase a professional and trusted brand, but at the same providing a little glimpse into the cheerful and caring characteristic of the tutors – they are even life mentors in some ways.

Works Undertaken Brand Collaterals and Design, Logo design, Namecard Design, Brand Passport.

The Science Academy Name card Branding
The Science Academy Tote Bag

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