A handful of our creatives went for an art wind down session over the weekend and it was definitely therapeutic. We went for a mini Batik Tulis workshop organised by Ozel. Batik as what many people know it for the print. Tulis means write in Malay.

Batik 1
Batik 2

Batik tulis is essentially one of the process to produce the print. Wax is used to tulis the pattern.The entire process is an intricate one. It is said that it could take from 6 months to a year to complete 2.5 meter long kain(cloth).

The session started with a brief history and the meaning of various patterns. Some are made for royalty, some are to be used if you want to prosper in wealth, some are for funerals.

Batik 5


One that intrigued me the most was the was the way a batik cloth is used. Unlike today, we have Facebook to express our relationship status but back in the day they had to be creative! For instance if you’re single, the kepala(head) would be in the front of your skirt. If you’re married, it would be at the back. And you’re a divorcee and looking for a companion, it would be placed at the right or left.

Of course, we managed to try batik tulis first hand. We struggled and laughed because we had so much fun! We took 3 hours to (barely) complete waxing and paint an A3 sized cloth. Our final piece would be ready in a week, so look out on our instagram for the final product!

Batik 4
Batik 3

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