Rockfort Advisors – Wealth Advisory and Planning

Rockfort Advisors offer high-end wealth management and advisory services to individuals, family offices and corporates. The founder and CEO of the company, Sandeep Sharma, contacted Lime Agency to help create the branding and collaterals for the wealth management and multi-family office back in 2018.

Rockfort Advisors is known for its professional expertise, built on trusted and solid client relationships, and so we set out to design a look and feel that portrays exactly that. A unique dark blue-green colour was decided as the brand colour with hints of gold to highlight the excellence in value they provide. While the roundness of the “R” was introduced to balance with the dark premium cues, in a vision for a more approachable delivery. The initials “RF” combined in serif font, acts as the logo emblem of the company, giving the brand a final touch of distinction.

Works Undertaken: Branding Collaterals, Logo Design, Namecards, Letterhead, Powerpoint Presentation Template

Rockfort Advisory Branding


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