Lime Agency has been a strong advocate of conscious consumerism from day ONE! Mind you, it is part of our DNA to offer preferential prices to social enterprises looking at strengthening their communication strategies and collaterals – and we are lucky enough to have been working with a lot of them from branding to marketing consultations, websites, social media, etc!

But what is conscious consumerism exactly?
Well, it all boils down to being careful when you choose to spend your dollars. By spending money, we support enterprises, we empower their growth – so you might as well spend it on a company that employs persons suffering from handicaps (or make sure their sourcing doesn’t involve child slavery, or any kind of slavery for that matter), that respects the environment, sources organic products, protects indigenous communities, supports single mothers, fosters reinsertion, and so on!

And there are PLENTY of choices to do so! It’s just about choosing the better alternative. But we know sometimes, it is not easy, this is why, in 2018, Lime Agency decided to curate a full advent calendar featuring fabulous social offering great products and services. From chocolate, candles, bikes, coffee and more – we spoiled you for choice!

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