Something amazing happened this month that got our entire office roaring with happiness – we got nominated finalists for Marketing Magazine‘s Independant agency of the year award! It is not all won and we will only know the final results on the 16th of May but it’s really been an achievement for our team.

To understand our excitement, you must understand how we started – at the beginning the concept of being a marketing & advertising agency that focuses on projects with social impact was often “misunderstood” to say the least. But we have persevered in our efforts to create a better world and after 3 years of hard work with our fantastic team of Limoncellos, not only do we have the support of our amazing pool of clients, but we are also starting to gain recognition from our peers!

We may not have received the shiny award yet (we sure hope that we do!), but in our hearts we have already won. To all of you reading this, thank you for being part of this community, this dream and this vision. Together, we can change the world.



“At the beginning, nobody understood it. The very idea of pushing for sustainability and purpose-driven projects while being profitable in an industry thought to represent the dark side of capitalism was unimaginable to most. But we knew different, we knew that change was and is possible and we stood firm. It’s been an amazing journey to see perceptions shift, to be able to contribute in more conscious consumerism and seeing awareness and acceptance grow around us. Most importantly, it has given us the opportunity to gather a real community of clients, suppliers and employees that share the same value and a real respect for life. We can’t wait for what is next.”

Hui Ting Lee, Rigmor Berthier & Cecile Gauthier

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