This book probably needs no introduction, as the wildly-anticipated autobiography of Michelle Obama titled « Becoming » has been a highly sought after book even after being published for almost a year now. It is essentially driven down to three main parts, Becoming Me, Becoming Us and Becoming More. A truly inspirational journey that started from the wise teachings of her parents, translated into actions through her school years up till her career as a lawyer and eventually the support beside Barack Obama, and eventually passing on that knowledge to her children – you never stop learning at every turn of the page through her unique experiences and humbling stories.

I believe the reason why everyone is so captivated by her and her stories is because how easily we could all relate to her struggles in a highly judgmental world. Yes, we did not all become the First Lady of United States of America, but in some way we have all been trying to climb to the peak in our own version of the story and we know now that nothing great comes without sacrifices.

I had the opportunity to attend one of her « Becoming: World Tour » stop in Amsterdam earlier this year, and it of course was beyond expectations. She had even used the opportunity to introduce key women leaders in the country, shining a spotlight on what they do and building a community of change-makers that inspires one another. It is truly refreshing to see how a female leader of 1 country uniting so many women and girls all across the world. It does not matter the colour of our skin or the language we speak, our experiences are shared and our struggles are heard because we are all trying to become a better person through our own personal challenges. It’s us against the world and we are not afraid to speak up.

« When they go low, we go high » – Michelle Obama


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