Special is comedy based on a semi-autobiography by Ryan O’Connell. Produced by himself and Jim Parsons(from Big Bang Theory). Ryan plays Ryan Kayes who is gay with cerebral palsy and on top of things, he is still living with his mother. Ryan is sheltered by his mother’s overprotective self and also his fear of being seen as different.

He was hit by a car and shortly after, got himself a new internship as a writer at a millennial website called “Eggwoke”. For his greatest pleasure, his co-workers mistook his cerebral palsy for sequels of his injuries from his car accident – leaving Ryan with the opportunity to be “normal”.

The show unfolds into Ryan’s journey of coming out – about being gay and disabled. He eventually figures out and limps towards adulthood. It isn’t just about accepting but also owning himself for who he is.

“Why be normal when you can be special?”

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