When it comes to a majority of academically inclined books, there has always been the possibility of them using language that might be harder for non-academics to relate. Not The Dinosaurs Rediscovered, though.

By using language that doesn’t alienate non-scientists, the author – paleontologist Michael J. Benton – explores not only the processes that dinosaur remains go through when they are discovered, but also traces the evolution of dinosaur study from its beginnings in antiquated natural history to the burgeoning scientific field it is today. In addition to that, we also delve into how paleontologists decipher the details of the life of dinosaurs from the fossils – how they grew, how they walked, their colourings and even how they fed. 

As someone who once – thanks to Jurassic Park –  harboured ambitions to be a paleontologist (still do, actually), The Dinosaurs Rediscovered allowed me to relive the childhood dreams of discovering new dinosaurs species in far off countries… and it’ll do the same for you!

The Dinosaurs Rediscovered is now available at Kinokuniya.

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