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Rigmor Berthier

CEO, Co-Founder

  • Engineer with a Master Degree in Marketing from HEC, Paris, France.
  • Over 21 years of experience in marketing, consulting and business management.
  • Successfully built a company from scratch, together with 2 co-founders – with yearly market expansion and profit growth.
  • Built marketing strategies and brands for over 60 social enterprises and startups over the past 4 years.
  • Worked with global brands represented on all continents of the world.
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COO, Co-Founder

  • Graduated from Toulouse Business School and Sydney University.
  • 10 years of experience across the marketing & communication field including in-house marketing, events, public relations, advertising, retail strategy and corporate communications.
  • Experience with clients from cultural institutions, multinationals, local, regional and international firms, Social enterprises, NGOs and VWOs.
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Creative Director, Co-Founder

  • Leads the creative team and constantly pushing everyone to cross challenging creative boundaries.
  • Manages strong working relationships with partners (in print, photography, web, and more) to ensure smooth and consistent quality delivery for our clients.
  • First prize in Singapore Packaging Design Award
  • Bronze award in Crowbar award for a book designed with unique Mandarin characters illustration.

Marketing Consultant

  • Graduated from University at Buffalo with Bachelor of Arts in Communication.
  • With 10 years of experience in events and marketing in different agencies and industries such as banking & finance, education and weddings.
  • Marketing specialist with fantastic insights and attention to detail – very innovative perspective on positioning and brand articulations.

Senior Art Director

  • Graduated from The Glasgow School of Arts.
  • A little 5 over years in the design industry.
  • With experience in retail merchandising & styling.
  • Consistently delivering concise designs to captivate the consumers.
  • First Prize in Trash to Fashion National Award focusing on sustainability.
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Art Director

  • Graduated from NTU School of Art Design & Media.
  • Over 3 years of experience with print collaterals such as brochures and packaging.
  • Specialises in conceptualising content and transforming them into designs.
  • Deep passion in craft and print explorations.
  • Keen eye for illustrative and storytelling approach.

Social Media Manager

  • Graduated from Chapman University with experience in screenwriting for local television.
  • A wordsmith with capability in writing engaging content adapted to different tones of voice.
  • Specialises in content creation of advertisements on social media platforms.
  • Screenwriting for a regionally-broadcasted show on NatGeo called Food Detectives.
  • Won a National award for playwriting at just 15.

Social Media Manager

  • Graduated from Murdoch University with Bachelors in Communications.
  • Over 3 years of experience in Social Media Management; with Design skillsets and background in Communications handling portfolios from various fields, ranging from Government to Culinary Institute, Travel and Chemical Solutions.
  • Organised an inaugural APAC HR Summit for a MNC recruitment firm that brought together thought leaders including Ambassador of Switzerland.

Motion Graphic Designer

  • Graduated with a Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design from Singapore Polytechnic.
  • Received Silver in the established Crowbar Award under Branding and Design Categories.
  • Featured as a multidisciplinary artist at NOISE x GIF Festival.
  • Started a collective to introduce musical talents in Malay Bahasa language in the SEA Region, and successfully hosted its very first event in 2019.