The One Where We Have Some Fun

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Rigmor Berthier

Optimistic Imagineer

Rigmor is our optimistic. The winds of Norway made her create her own sunshine and she brings light on everything she touches. Her creativity and imagination are limitless and her experience ranging from high luxury cosmetics and perfumery to fast moving goods is pure magic. She applies her marketing skills with flair, successfully managing product launches, clients projects and brand strategies. She’ll shake up your world and will bring you where you never imagined you’d be.

Hobbies: Shoes, shoes, shoes…. and running, and dancing!

Languages: Norwegian, French, English, a touch of Swahili and survives in any unknown language.

Pauline Korchia

Empathetic Socializer

Pauline is our socializer, always up to try new things and meet new people. These encounters brings her to constantly reflect about the world. Her contradictions may lie in her French and Japanese origins; a desire to start a revolution while not making too much noise. This gives her the balance to adapt herself to her surroundings and bring subtle yet profound changes. She strives to hear all voices before coming up with the most adapted solutions.

Hobbies: Sports in general, but obsessed with Tahitian dance. And French Youtube shows.

Languages: French, English, and Japanese (in that order)

Naufal Fun

Cultural Enthusiast

A Digital Marketing specialist with over 6 years of extensive digital marketing experience. Mainly a strategist with a focus on digital business development and empowerment – with significant experience across key marketing functions specifically, a track record in digital innovation and marketing, business development & strategy, and hiring the right talent. As a thoroughbred professional, I have worked for various brands and organisations across diverse industries.

One Interesting about myself: I will always treat the new person I just met as someone who is smarter than me.

Hobbies: Traveling, meeting new people (introvert most of the time) learning various culture (including language & history), agriculture, reading marketing and branding articles (obsess).

Languages: English


Insightful Musician

Aryani is our musician. A Clarinettist who prefers staying in to watch Medieval drama as she’s pursuing to earn her righteous place on the Iron Throne with her three cats. Beyond mechanical abilities and understanding music theory, being in an orchestra made her a reliable team player. These opportunities have established her ability to achieve personal and professional growth unitedly. “Stronger together” is what she believes in!

Hobbies: Game of Thrones marathon, swimming and painting.

Languages: English and Bahasa

Peggy Fun

Positive Mentor

Peggy is an optimist at heart. A strong believer in “Do your part and the rest will fall into place”. An ex-perfectionist who now enjoys pushing pixels for the love of it. Also known as “mother hen” who enjoys nurturing young creative talents. Is it wine o’ clock yet?

Hobbies: Art installations or exhibitions, indie music and sometimes Ping-ka-Pong

Languages: English, Mandarin.

Sabrina Fun

Imaginative Creator

Sabrina is our imaginator. Heavily influenced by her years of dance and theatre production work, Sabrina explores the creative visions and aspirations of the people. As a passionate advocate of growth, she grounds herself by constantly looking for the next best thing to improve on amidst of all the organised chaos. Or you can find her devouring a box of truffle pizza.

Hobbies: Obsessed with tiny bags, cafe-hopping & dancing!

Languages: English, Bahasa

Rebecca Fun

Adventurous Explorer

Exploring unique opportunities, discovering new tools, and meeting new people, are experiences that Rebecca values in her life on both a personal and professional level.

She started her journey when she took the Digital Marketing course at Hatch, and now she continues that path at Lime Agency, in hopes to master the skills of becoming a full fledged digital marketeer. She never lets a mistake bring her down but instead, she finds a valuable lesson and makes sure to deliver better the next time!

Hobbies: Online Shopping, Reading Harry Potter, (She is a real Potterhead… Team Gryffindor anyone?) and obsessed with watching Mukbang (Mentally gaining calories every day)

Languages: English, Mandarin, sometimes even… Gibberish