The One Where We Have Some Fun

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Rigmor Berthier

Optimistic Imagineer

Rigmor is our optimistic. The winds of Norway made her create her own sunshine and she brings light on everything she touches. Her creativity and imagination are limitless and her experience ranging from high luxury cosmetics and perfumery to fast moving goods is pure magic. She applies her marketing skills with flair, successfully managing product launches, clients projects and brand strategies. She’ll shake up your world and will bring you where you never imagined you’d be.

Hobbies: Shoes, shoes, shoes…. and running, and dancing!

Languages: Norwegian, French, English, a touch of Swahili and survives in any unknown language.


Enthusiastic Thinker

Cecile is our thinker. An island hopper, she is a tropical lover and dances to the beat of her heart. The world is her country and her strategies and brand planning know no frontier. She transcends cultures and, like a true conquistadora, always pushes the agenda further, exceeding expectations and leaving her clients breathless. With experience ranging from cultural institutions to multinational companies, she’ll use her psychic skills to bring you what you asked for and what you didn’t know you wanted. Namaste!

Hobbies: From tranquil yogi to party animal.

Languages: French, English, Spanish and a touch of Catalan.

Lee Hui Ting

Creative Dreamer

Hui Ting is our dreamer. She grew up on the red dot and her mind is opened to the world, bursting with images and colours of wonderlands. Creator of award winning designs, she will mesmerize you with her complex simplicity and simple complexity. You will find yourself hypnotized by shimmering coloured hair and she will turn your brand around before you have the time to say “LIME”.

Hobbies: Travels, she is a world wanderer travelling at the sound of music.

Languages: English, Chinese.

Pauline Korchia

Empathetic Socializer

Pauline is our socializer, always up to try new things and meet new people. These encounters brings her to constantly reflect about the world. Her contradictions may lie in her French and Japanese origins; a desire to start a revolution while not making too much noise. This gives her the balance to adapt herself to her surroundings and bring subtle yet profound changes. She strives to hear all voices before coming up with the most adapted solutions.

Hobbies: Sports in general, but obsessed with Tahitian dance. And French Youtube shows.

Languages: French, English, and Japanese (in that order)

Tchea Yu

Inventive Communicator

Tchea is our communicator. When you first meet her, she might be one of few words but beneath the silence lies a girl leaning in, eyes wild, beaming like a kid in a candy store, interested in whatever you have to say. It might also be this curiosity and interest she has in what you do (not in a creepy way) that brings her to a deep level of understanding of your brand and your mission, enabling her to help you creatively communicate with your audience.

Hobbies: Exploring, walking and spending time with loved ones and doggo, Popcorn!

Languages: English, Chinese, Hakka, Teochew (in that order)

Dayana Samad

Daring Experimenter

Dayana is our experimenter. As an ambivert, or an “outgoing introvert”, she refuses to stick to one routine. A part of her loves staying in, but random surges of energy will push her to explore new, innovative ideas. Nothing excites her more than mixing words and lingos to create powerful stories. While she loves uncovering brilliant content creators online, she is also equally as passionate about finishing that book she has been meaning to. In the creative world, she is not afraid to tread unconventional paths, because even if it leads to a dead end, at least she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Hobbies: Traveling (hoping to explore the world alone one day), watching psychological thrillers, and listening to calming podcasts.

Languages: English, Malay.