Asia Gender Network – Committed to Mobilising Capital for Gender Equality

In today’s society, women and girls face tremendous challenges based solely on gender biases in various areas including education, employment, and even safety. With COVID-19, gender inequality has worsened and it is time we take action.

The Asia Gender Network (AGN), powered by Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN), is a pan-Asian network committed to mobilising financial, intellectual, and human capital for gender equality. AGN is an inspiring, collaborative, and committed network with a strong desire to make the world more equitable for women and girls across Asia. AGN believes real commitment is what we need to drive purpose-led action for a world where gender equality is the norm.

LIME was chosen to develop AGN’s brand foundation and creatives, including their logo. Through a one-week workshop, we worked with AGN to better understand their main objectives and identify their purpose: to improve outcomes for women and girls in Asia through real commitment and collaboration.

As for the logo, we used a petal shape, which is derived from the “a” in the AVPN logo, forming a subtle linkage between the two organisations. The equal sign in the logo represents equal opportunities and efforts which are integral to gender equality.

Works Undertaken:  Visual Identity, Logo design, Brand passport

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