Homage – Caring Has Never Been This Easy

Homage specialises in providing quality elderly home and nursing care in Singapore. They aim to help the elderlies age gracefully at home, so that they could also actively participate in their family and community. At the same time, they also offer training and employment opportunities to vulnerable women, empowering them to live better lives with a proper career path and a meaningful job that brings happiness to others.

Homage had already built quite a strong brand with its rounded logo and unique turqoise brand colour, and Lime Agency was brought in to help create consistency within the existing brand environment. We focused our efforts on building a brand identity that communicates professionalism, care and empowerment. This was done through a cohesive brand passport that includes their brand positioning and brand voice. Along with several brand collaterals, we also built a small set of brand icons that can easily be shared on all marketing collaterals. We hope the enhanced branding will help bring added value to their customers.

Works Undertaken: Brand passport, Corporate Presentation Template, Namecard Design and Letterhead Template

Homage Brand Passport and Guidelines
Homage Brand Passport and Guidelines
Homage Brand Passport and Guidelines

Visit their website at www.homage.sg



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