BUDS – We Have A Bright Future

Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS) is an Indian NGO created in 2003, where doctors, psychologists, teachers, researchers, outreach workers, trainers and communication specialists come together for one single mission: to improve the lives of children in India.

BUDS is working with the Indian Government, internationally renowned universities, companies and NGOs, taking numerous actions to raise awareness and give access to health, nutrition and education.

Through a one-week Brand Juicer, BUDS team collaborated with Lime Agency to modernize their look and find a positioning which speaks to those they are helping: the Indian youth. Unlike other NGOs, we decided to use vivid colors, round and fun shapes, mixing them with drawings from children whom BUDS has supported, all baked in a tone voice of children talking about their future. Such visual and written cues are important to depict BUDS’s proximity and approachability, as the team operates directly in slums and marginalized communities, and needs to be recognisable by those in need. The updated logo represents a rising sun and a cloud, as well as the wings of a bird, to illustrate the new slogan: “My future is bright”.

Key figures are also showcased on the revamped website, emphasizing the fact that BUDS makes a wise use of each dollar donated. The objective is to increase the efficacy of the charity.

Works Undertaken: Brand Juicer with Logo Creation, Visual Identity, Tone of Voice, Slogan, Website Design and Copy-editing

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Buds Ngo Website Homepage Design
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Branding, Strategy and Consulting, Website, Juicer