Doerscircle – An All-in-one Entrepreneur Platform

With nearly 50% of workers being self-employed, the way we work and perceive work are tremendously changing. Corporates provide packages to their employees; entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-uppers need to look for options.

Doerscircle is on a mission to bring balance to the system by enabling Independent Doers around the world to focus on their business. How? By negotiating better terms and conditions and offering solutions in terms of insurance, legal, finance and much more. As well as giving the members access to information on a single platform.

Despite strong and bold statements, the image Doerscircle was giving through its website did not entirely match their true identity. The team contacted Lime Agency to reveal their true colors and spice things up.

Using our one-week JUICER methodology, we deep-dived into what drives Doerscircle and how to express it. Vibrant colors and “graffiti” typo to emphasize on the brand’s rebellious and bold character, while being inclusive and welcoming on board all Doers who are willing to defy the status-quo.

Work Undertaken: Juicer workshop, Brand Collaterals and Design, Website Design, Letterhead Design, Powerpoint Presentation Design, Email Signature

Doerscircle Branding Namecard
Doerscircle Branding Website
Doerscircle Branding Brand Passport
Doerscircle Branding Powerpoint

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