Karzo – A Bold Brand with a Bold Vision

KARZO is a brand that has set out on a journey to modernise the logistics in the ASEAN market. They propose a better way for companies to handle their logistics while at same time, allowing the truck owners and drivers to better plan their trips and receive prompt payments.

When KARZO came to Lime Agency, they were called KARGO. The previous name was not bad, apart from the fact that it was heavily used by competitors in their industry, as well as companies who not at all related to their industry. We suggested to them to change their name and the founder and team decided to go with KARZO – a name that is not far from the old name, but still carries a local connotation to Myanmar and its language.

Next, KARZO needed to create a professional and unique branding that carries the professionalism of the company. At the same time, give the industry the impression that “here is someone that is bold enough to innovate for the better!” Lime Agency successfully ran a branding co-creation workshop and created a full brand passport and brand pack for the brand. This full branding package allows Karzo to move full speed ahead on their expansion plans, while maintaining a bold and modern look and feel!

Works Undertaken: Brand Passport, Powerpoint Design, Namecard Design, Letterhead Design, Email Signature, Tshirt Design

Karzo logistics trucking branding
Karzo logistics trucking branding tshirt
Karzo logistics trucking branding
Karzo logistics trucking branding namecard

Visit their website karzo.com