Ecotech Solutions – Sustainable Energy & Water Treatment

Operating in Vanuatu, New Caledonia and the Pacific region, Ecotech Solutions firmly believes that implementing sustainable energy and water practices cannot only help businesses and buildings save on operational costs but also give them the opportunity to become active players in the economy and the preservation of resources. Lime Agency worked hand in hand with the founder of the company to find a brand identity that would express the professionalism, dedication and efficiency of the proposed solutions to its B2B audience. With a clean branding that supports Ecotech Solutions in its mission to convince clients such as airports, marinas, schools, farms and other high energy consuming premises to switch to more sustainable energy & water option, the brand took its full expression. A result driven message that was translated to the website, entirely designed and developed by Lime Agency, including content editing.

Works Undertaken: Branding, Logo, Namecards, Letterhead, Signature, Powerpoint template, Website Design, Website development & Story telling.

ecotech solutions branding and website
ecotech solutions branding and website

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