FacFunFit – Functional Fitness Everyday

Faculty of Functional Fitness (also known as FacFunFit) is a social enterprise that aims to bring functional fitness to every day men and women at their heartlands, especially the seniors. Its mission is to use fitness and the power of community to support and empower its members to live better lives, full of energy and happiness.

Together with the team, Lime Agency created a brand identity that is more fun and personalized, suitable for the wide target audiences the brand would like to reach out to. Several different collaterals were also developed during the week-long juicer, that covered different needs and usages of the brand.

Works Undertaken:Juicer, Brand Passport, Brand Collaterals

FacFunFit Branding
FacFunFit Branding


Branding, Content & Story telling, Strategy & Consulting, Juicers & Workshops


Branding, Social & NGOs, Juicer, Health & Wellness