raiSE – Supporting Growth for Social Enterprises

As part of raiSE’s efforts to guide social enterprises, Lime was invited to provide growth-oriented branding, marketing and communication assistance to the SEs under this programme. Different from the Incubation Programme that the agency had conducted previously, this batch of SEs are two years in business with viable business models and have expressed intent to grow beyond current scope of business.

With the SEs who have shown interests to work with Lime, we started by analysing deep into the brands to understand the stage of business they are at, and what would help them the most in terms of capacity building. Depending on the brand diagnosis and further alignment with the SEs on priorities and goals, we embarked on different scope and methodologies for each of them.

For some who are looking to launch into new markets, we worked on equipping the SEs with versatile tools to empower their new business development and be able to sustain for the future; for others who are strong in day-to-day operations but would like to bring it up a notch, we focused on improving areas that are comparatively weaker and provided consultation and strategy workshops that serve as a base to establish stronger future outlooks. Upon project closure, SEs are left with supporting tools to help them track against performance indicators set for the following year.

Project Showcase: The Final Outcome

Works Undertaken: Website design, Branding workshops, Brand Identity, Marketing Collaterals, Corporate Video, Social Media Template, Digital Advertising Strategy, Capacity-building, Project One-on-One Consultations, Coaching

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