Fresh Take on the Classic with Sng Kee Ice Cream

Sng Kee is an ice cream business in Singapore that wants to make sign language heard through employment and awareness of deaf issues in Singapore. It is the brain-child of 3 born-and-bred Singaporeans coming together with their pure love for ice cream, bringing it further to offer a new way to consume ice cream – with its kickass flavours representative of the Singaporean taste buds and offering opportunities to bring impact for the deaf community.

Throughout the juicer week, the agency had lots of fun and creative inputs to bring out the vibrant and bold personality of the brand. From defining the very purpose of the brand and unique brand essence to creating the logo that is inspired by the traditional Chinese seal typography, these are all put together into the Brand Passport to help the brand ensure consistency while putting forward its positive and energetic nature.

Works Undertaken:Juicer, Website Design, Brand Collaterals.

signs ice cream branding
signs ice cream branding
signs ice cream branding

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