The festive season is almost here, and we cannot wait for the celebration to start! Of course, here at LIME, we want to help make festivities fun and sustainable. As our calendar starts getting booked up for reunions and family gatherings, let us celebrate fashionably and creatively! See below 6 different sustainable Christmas lifestyle tips.

Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #1 – An Alternative Christmas Tree

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 6

The easier solution: Perhaps, you could invest in an artificial Christmas tree that can be reused every year? We know how tempting it must be, to be surrounded by the fresh pine smell. But the real Christmas trees we buy in Singapore are usually shipped from overseas. This means the transportation of the real tree itself is not the most ideal, and thus, increases the carbon footprint. There is also usually no strict processes put in place, to ensure that the unwanted Christmas trees are recycled.

Now, we know that the process of making an artificial tree, does use plastic and emits harmful gases into the atmosphere. So what other alternatives do we have? Well…

The better solution: Decorate a house plant! You could still add fairy lights (more about this below) and hang decorations on it. A plant that is deep rooted and continues to grow limitlessly, while releasing oxygen back to the world – isn’t that the better alternative?

Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #2 – Solar-powered Christmas Lights

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 2Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 2

The easier solution: With the fairy lights that you are already reusing every year, don’t throw them away in the spirit of sustainability. That would just create unnecessary waste. So we would suggest that if it’s plugged to the wall, to switch it off when nobody is at home. And if it’s a battery-operated one, use re-chargable batteries. In our office, we use the ones from IKEA – Ladda Battery Charger.

The better solution: If you haven’t got any fairy lights yet, and need to get one, look no further. Again, IKEA also sells solar powered lights for the outdoors. So if you place your tree at home near the window where there is natural sunlight, feel free to use solar-powered lights!


Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #3 – Bamboo Toilet Paper

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 5

The only solution: We know what you are thinking, we must be crazy. Well, having parties mean there will be many people attending. So your toilet is going to be pretty popular place throughout the evening. Our friends over at Bambooloo, sells wonderful and sustainable paper products. We were actually a big fan of their toilet paper even before we got in touch with them! Despite what you might think, the quality of the bamboo toilet roll is real soft yet strong. It is 100% sustainable, 100% biodegradable and 100% bamboo. Best of all, the packaging is zero-plastic! (I never thought I would be making a mini review on toilet paper on the Lime website, that’s for sure!)

Why is bamboo a good material? It is naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. Bamboo can be grown without insecticides, fertilisers and chemicals. It is a very sustainable crop, it grows fast, and it self-regenerates from its roots. When you think about it, it makes complete sense!


Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #4 – BYOB to Christmas Shopping

The easier and better solution: As you embark on your Christmas shopping, you will bound to be carrying a million things at the same time. Instead of having to manage ten different shopping bags, bring a few strong and large reusable tote bags. This way, you use no plastic, and your arms will thank you for it!

We have shared previously some sustainable Christmas gift ideas, you might find them useful!

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 2


Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #5 – BYOC

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips 7

The easier solution: If you are preparing for your party, you could buy biodegradable disposable cups for your guests. That’s not all, to avoid excessive waste, get everyone to write their name to the cup. So each guest will have one cup for the whole evening, reducing waste and keeping everyone happy!

The better solution: Instead of using disposables, bring out all your cups, plates and utensils. If you do not have enough for the number of guests, ask them to bring some and share. This might even lead to an unconventional conversation starter!


Sustainable Lifestyle Tips #6 – Bring a Tupperware

Sustainable Christmas Lifestyle Tips

The easier solution: Avoid food wastage by making sure that not too much food is prepared. We often go all out, and in Asian culture, it is important to keep guests full and happy. So what happens usually is that we cook more than what is needed. Prepare your ingredients in advance, but cook just two-third of it. If by the end of the evening, there are still people who wants to enjoy more food and drinks, then cook the remaining one-third.

The better solution: If it is too difficult to accurately gauge how much food is needed, ask your guests to come with tupperware! So any leftovers can be shared with them, and we can still enjoy the delicious meal the day after. Zero food waste!


We hope you found these tips helpful. Let’s start implementing more of these habits this Christmas, and for future parties and gatherings too!

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