October is already here and while we were planning the contents of this month’s newsletter we decided it’s time to get our hands dirty and really get you to take actionable steps to give more visibility to your business, your products and your services.

Our days as a branding agency and communication consultant are spent giving advice to other businesses on how to get their message out, get people to subscribe to their services. But, sometimes it is exhausting because we keep repeating how important optimising your website is, how important it is to get clear on your why, your mission, your unique selling point, your storytelling. We repeat, we repeat, and sometimes there is no action. Clients understand the concept but they are not IMPACTED enough to turn the idea of improving their communication into action!

Well nevermind, lest we forget that we at Lime Agency are also in some measure a start-up, so we decided to apply our advices to ourselves and come back here with HARD HITTING numbers. If our message was not acted upon before, it means that we were not communicating it in the right way, so here we are trying something new in full transparency (by the way, that is also a reminder that as a business owner, brand manager or marketing person, you always need to remember to rethink and to adapt the way you communicate to the response of your audience, you are here to adapt to them, not to get them to adapt to you).

So, what did we do?

We used our own website as a test bed! 6 months ago, on the 1st of April 2019, we relaunched our website, implementing all the advises we give our clients:

  • A website structure thought with SEO in mind from the very begining
  • A clear and defined keyword strategy
  • Optimisation of “on-page” SEO with title structure, image sizes, etc
  • An easy to use platform that allows us to update & change things with the click of a button, making us adaptable
  • Setting up appropriate trackers to understand our traffic and efficiency
  • Registering properly our business on Google
  • Gathering google reviews to build up social proof
  • Clear cross-posting social media plan to diversify traffic sources
  • Clear and identifiable action buttons to enhance customer journey
  • A rich content built around our target keywords that keep the website interesting and fresh for all the visitors

A whole programme that we have been carefully following through with ups and downs, but with determination over the past 6 months!

And what are the results?

Amazing! And as our agency functions from a standpoint of transparency, we are thrilled to be able to share our results with you in the hope that it will convince YOU to do the same:

  • Upon launching the website, we went from 4th page in organic results to number 10 on the 1st page – JUST by having updated our content with a strong and intentional keyword strategy in mind.
  • Just by updating our H1 title on our home page to something more specific and intentional in line with our keyword strategy, we jumped from 12th to 1st place in Google organic results for the keywords “creative branding and marketing agency singapore”
  • Within 6 months of having our new website live, we received 17 QUALIFIED leads through our website form – to put things in perspective, we never reached that total number over 3 years with our old website! 17 qualified leads within 6 months, that’s 3 new qualified leads per month that were just falling into our lap by maintaining a constructed presence online.
  • With a 12% conversion rate from leads to signed project, we have already signed over 17k SGD of budget directly from our website prospection, that’s around 3k SGD of income per month since we launched and we have over 30k SGD in the pipe.
  • At this point in time, we have already covered our investment cost for our website upgrade and are already seeing positive return on investment from this upgraded content strategy.

What does it mean for you?

It means you can do it too! Yes, it requires time investment because you WILL have to sit down, be clear on your objectives and intentions, and yes you will have to actually create content. We’ve gone all in because we wanted to prove a point, so we are creating heavy monthly content but sometimes, just 5 well targeted articles with the right keywords and right construction can make the world of a difference.

The real question is, do you want to keep scrambling? Or do you want to put yourself in a state of flow? Communication IS IMPORTANT for your business. In fact, it can make or break it, so prioritise and manage your time and budget – but remember that online presence is our MAIN point of contact today and is a channel that will only keep growing.

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