Dexecure – Making Websites Load Faster

Dexecure is a leading, Singapore-based, software-as-a-service(SaaS) company that uses proprietary, world-class technologies to automatically optimise high-traffic websites. It automatically makes websites lightning fast, leading to increased page views & better user experiences on different devices, browsers & networks. To express the full potential of their service and communicate it appropriately, the agency first worked with the team through a co-creation workshop to identity the key characteristics and develop a branding that would be both professional and versatile – in line with the technology & start-up environment targeted by Dexecure. With this fresh branding and story telling, which the agency carried through both the website and the prospect client/ investors presentations, Dexecure scaled up its image, opening the way for future commercial development and expansion.

Works Undertaken: Juicer workshop, Brand Collaterals and Design, Website Design, Flyer Template Design, Letterhead Design, Powerpoint Presentation Design, Namecard Design.

Dexecure Branding
Dexecure Website
Dexecure Powerpoint

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