Fisk – Online Seafood Delivery

Snorre Food is the all-round expert on cold water seafood. They have been the exclusive importer and distributor of cold water seafood for over 30 years in Singapore. They decided to create a B2C Brand called FISK (meaning “fish” in Norwegian) bringing all their delicious catch directly to Singaporean homes.

FISK wanted to work with Lime Agency during a one-week Juicer to properly define their brand who not only offer the best selection of cold water seafood, but also provides recipes and know-how from the Michellin-experienced chef and founder Frank Arne Naesheim. FISK wanted to build a pure and efficient e-commerce platform. This meant, that the design had to be simple and above-all, functional.

Lime Agency proposed a logo and branding look & feel with a strong, blue colour palette. Mixed with hues of a light tone red, alongside imagery of fresh fish. The whole look inspires freshness, efficiency and the ease of shopping.

Works Undertaken: Logo Design, Website Design and Development, Brand Passport

Snorre Fisk Van Design
Snorre Fisk Website Design
Snorre Fisk Website Design

Visit their website – Seafood Delivery in Singapore


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