Trusted and Specialised Transport Service – ADL Rehab

ADL Rehab provides specialised transport solution for elderlies and handicapped while helping the re-insertion of ex-offenders and people with financial difficulties into the society. Lime Agency helped improve their brand image by creating a consistent brand story to communicate their values and quality of service.

Their existing branding was using red as the main brand colour. But since their service was targeted at elderlies, Lime Agency recommended a more comfortable and soothing colour palette that matches their brand personality more – by selecting a combination of turqoise and grey colours to enhance the professional and trusted brand image. Seeing their colours come to live on their transport vehicle was a special moment, as it was uniquely different from their competitors.

Works Undertaken: Branding Collaterals, Namecard Design, Logo Design, Brand Passport, Brochure Design

ADL Rehab Branding Brochure
ADL Rehab Namecards


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