Golden Equator Ventures – A Fresh Take on Venture Capital

Golden Equator Ventures (GEV) is a Venture Capital Firm that has developed a partnership approach to empowering bold entrepreneurs, enabling them to grow thriving businesses that creates real value for their consumers, stakeholders and investors.

GEV approached Lime Agency to run a co-creation branding workshop with their team, helping the brand to align on their brand story, values, positioning and highlight key differentiators. Thereafter, we helped develop their tagline and tone of voice, all with the objective of bringing their expertise in venture-entrepreneur partnership to even higher levels.

The visual identity that we created for them was a refreshing and bold look, using the colour yellow for vitality, vision and positivity. One of the key reasons why we did that, was because through our competitive landscape brand audit, we realised many other VCs are focusing their colour palette on blue, grey or red tones. We specifically dedicated yellow as the main brand colour to allow it to stand out against their competitors, and to tell the story of a vibrant community of bold innovators, ready to change the game! Furthermore, the new logo inspires boldness and authority, when mixed with the artistic imagery on their collaterals, gives an innovative and forward-looking vision to the brand. The colour palette is balanced by a considerable amount of white space, allowing the different elements to breathe and live in harmony.

Works Undertaken: Brand Passport, Brand Guidelines, Website Homepage Design

Golden Equator Ventures Website
Golden Equator Ventures Brand Passport