Rebranding 4Fingers Closer to its Core Belief System

4Fingers is a brand that previously had a very rebellious spirit and approach to marketing. The new owners of the brand wanted to keep the brand on a quirky level, but toning down the “rebellion” in order to make way for its true values – serving good food. And when they say “good”, they mean all aspects of it. From tasty ingredients to packaging and merchandising, 4Fingers makes sure to always choose the better option; the one where chickens walk freely, where the herbs are organically grown and where the packaging is recycled too.

Lime Agency ran a Branding Juicer with 4Fingers – 1 week to establish a clear brand strategy and to decide on the look & feel going forward. Together with all members of the board, we met every day for one week to co-create the Unique Selling Point, the values, the personality, the tone of voice and the look of the brand. The final deliverable was a brand passport that laid the very foundation of where the brand wanted to go from here.

In our efforts to create a brand that satisfies the stomach, the heart and the mind, we focused on maintaining the confident and bold spirit in a more friendly and light-hearted way. Even the tone of voice was specifically set to be uniquely them. The key improvement we introduced was to polish up the logo and brand elements, removing some brushy-strokes and keeping it simpler but still fun and loud in a different way!

Works Undertaken: Juicer, Brand Passport and Guidelines

4fingers Brand Guidelines
4fingers Brand Guidelines


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