Vivre Gourmet – Elevating Taste

Vivre Gourmet is a one-stop-shop food delivery service in Bali. It is also a company part of Vivre Group – an ecosystem of businesses, partners and individuals all striving towards a common goal: to lift the experience industry to higher standards. Lime Agency had previously worked on the branding for Vivre Group.

For Vivre Gourmet, the challenge was to create a brand that was very much a part of the Vivre Group identity, and, at the same time, instilled the craftsmanship and expertise Vivre Gourmet is representing when it comes to Gourmet food. The brand needed to speak to a B2C audience.

Lime Agency introduced simple illustrations to give life to the ingredients within the packaging. The combination of witty text, taste awakening photos and UX design, gave the Bali audience a website to practically eat up.

Works Undertaken: Branding, Logo Design, Website Design, Food Packaging Design, Food Wrapping Paper Design, Flyer Design and Packaging Mockups

Vivre Gourmet Homepage Design
Vivre Gourmet Shop Catalogue Design
Vivre Gourmet Product Page Design
Vivre Gourmet Food Packaging Rendering

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