IAM.ASIA is a new wealth management firm that was established around a group of bankers, striving to manage their clients’ assets with efficiency, honesty, and transparency.

The brand’s new name, “IAM.ASIA” is a play on the word, “I AM”, which is short for “Independent Asset Managers”. The new logo was created based on this new name, made of the 3 As of IAM.ASIA.

As a delightful Singaporean brand that is genuine and strives for the best, IAM.ASIA seeks to go beyond traditional asset management. As asset managers, clients come first to them. They prioritise clients more than the asset itself and seek to create a cohesive, caring, and long-term asset management approach.

With our juicer methodology, we have developed a full brand identity and helped IAM.ASIA to position themselves as challengers in this traditional space. The colours and shapes used give a sense of professionalism and modernity while remaining approachable. The team is made of experts who genuinely care about a long-term relationship. The new tagline “Our priority: YOU!” is not solely addressed to clients, but also to the next generation of asset managers who want to thrive and develop new competences.

Works Undertaken:  Name Brainstorming, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Brand Passport

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