If you have worked with us in the past, you know that setting clear business objectives is one of our basic requirements. In fact, “what are your objectives?” is usually one of the first questions we ask before we even begin on your project. The funny thing is that, usually once we start discussing objectives with our clients, the entire brief of the project changes. Why? Because objectives are the starting point of marketing plans, SEO optimisation and the entire business & communication strategy for that matter. Even choosing your brand identity starts by choosing what personality/ emotion you want to express.

But, this is not something we only do for clients. No. It is deeply engrained in our own culture because without objectives, there is no vision and no direction. So, we make it a point to communicate these objectives with the entire team, at least once a year if not more. Why? Because we are transparent. Good days and bad days, we communicate. Limoncellos are a family that works together towards the same objectives.

This year was no exception and we gathered together at the Norwegian Seamen’s mission to discuss results, objectives, good resolutions, reorganisation and more. Curious?

Defining Lime business objectives for 2020

  1. A new team member joining us beginning of March on a more strategic and business development level.
    We can’t wait to introduce her to you!
  2. The development of Lime Zest of course, with MANY MANY new services to come. We have planned for a full business resource center and have many announcements to make in the month to come. From new courses, services, brand kits and partnerships. It’s going to be a very busy year on that front.
  3. More focus on Juicers, our one-week intensive solution that has yielded so many fantastic results for our client. This format brings a 100% satisfaction rate and allows both our clients and our team to dive deep. You can take a look at the work done for Orca Nation under this format.
  4. A strategy with a bigger focus on consultation, workshops and business coaching as we have seen great results and feedback from these. Our clients have not only been able to see results for their business, but have learnt to plan and execute strategies by themselves.
  5. New packaged services designed around the biggest pain points and most recurring requests of our clients. This is meant to bring more clarity and transparency in our pricing, but also to save time for both us and our clients. As you know, in agencies, time is of the essence.
  6. Reshuffle of our offices to make space for a proper workshop space. It will be used to host workshops for clients of course, but also to rent out and to record & develop content for Lime Zest and our new social media platforms.
  7. A hands-on, intensive strategy for our social media. We have already upped our game on our Instagram and launched a new Youtube account, but the year to come will see plenty of new content. Tips and tricks for entrepreneurs, insights into our daily agency life, account take over, marketing advices and more. Trust us, you better hold on to your horses!

And you? What are your plans for 2020?

If you have not gotten into it and thought about your business objectives, it might be time to get to it and make a plan. And, if you need help, you can always book a coaching or consultation session with us. We will help you sort through the mass and come up with a proper action plan to implement in 2020.

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