Safe Barriers – #SwitchToSteel Linkedin Campaign

Safe Barriers intends to revolutionise the temporary road barrier market by replacing water-filled or concrete barriers by steel ones. After helping Safe Barriers with creating branding collaterals and a website, Lime Agency was asked to plan a 3-months LinkedIn campaign. The aim was to increase their brand awareness on LinkedIn by sharing useful and relevant content about the road construction industry, conservation and sustainability. Lime made an informative video regarding road construction and water wastage. The video was made so that it could later be split into bite size videos to be used throughout the 3 month campaign. In addition, Lime worked on still imagery that was used to post on Linkedin during the 3 month campaign.

Works Undertaken: Branding Collaterals, Website Design, 3-months LinkedIn Campaign Strategy and Content Development, Campaign Videos, LinkedIn Posts

Safe Barriers Linkedin Campaign
Switch To Steel Linkedin Campaign

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